Japanese Name Ace (エース)
Gender Male
First appearance Mugen Souls Z
Home World Ivory World
Powers None
Moe Type Ego
Race God
Occupation Ultimate God of Love
Weapon Twin Knifes, Swords, Knuckles
Japanese Voice Actor Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
English Voice Actor Erik Scott Kimerer

Ace is a God Hunter whose sole purpose is to hunt Gods like Syrma.

He is one of the most powerful Ultimate Gods in the galaxy and antagonises the party during their conquest of this galaxy. When he comes face to face with the main protagonist it often involves confrontation. In battle, he is often accompanied by his dragon companion Yurlungur.


Ace has scruffy, white hair with a very long ponytail along with ram-like horns. He has red, mean-looking eyes. His attire consists of a white vest, a bat winged cape, a purplish belt with a ram-shaped buckle and a golden chain, black trousers, and white shoes. His bracelets hold the symbol of Aries. His height seems to be below-average for a male, as he is even shorter than Ryuto.


Very aggressive and bad tempered he also speaks very hostile towards others. One of his favorite things to say is attaching 「殺す」「ぶっ殺す」 at the end of his sentences which means something along the lines of killing or brutally killing someone.

He acts very cold in front of the main character and he does not really give any reasons besides that it's his destiny to kill her.

He has a decent relationship with Onluka (Capricorn lady) and Tioni as they all happen to meet each other. He develops a good relationship with Evil Masked Beauty.

Quotes Edit

Begin Battle Edit

  • you looking for a fight you found it

Encounter Attack Edit

  • no mercy

Ambushed Edit

  • tch. this is not fun.

Turn Edit

  • You ready for this?

Attack Edit

  • Eat this!
  • Ha!

Enemy KO Edit

  • DIE!

Victory Edit

  • Ha! isn’t over already?

Level-Up Edit

  • i guess im leveled up

Retreat Edit

  • tch. nothing we can do i guess


Ace is a post-game playable character along with Tioni, Chou-Chou (normal sized), and Altis. He is available when the player unlocks either the Normal Ending or True Ending.

Item DropEdit

Ace is fought on the Hamal Ruins for the final confrontation. When Item Killed on the normal ending, Syrma and co get the following:

  • Bronze T-Shirt
  • Beam Claws
  • Duffle Coat

When Item Killed on the True Ending, Syrma and co. get the following:

  • Spiked Collar
  • Double Chainsaw
  • Mecha Boots


  • Ace is the only ego type, playable character who can't alter forms unlike Chou-Chou or Syrma.
  • Ace is so far, the only post-game character in the series who doesn't need the True Ending to be unlocked


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