Weapon type Shampuru used as ammunition for the G-Castle.

These types of Shampuru increase Hyper Charm much easier than other types.

Tier 1
Shampuru Firecracker

Energetic Shampuru who always livens a party's mood

Worn-out Drill
Tier 2
Shampuru Worn-out Drill

They hold their ears to stay alive but work real hard.

Chestnut Head
Tier 3
Shampuru Chestnut Head

Just lie fall. Don't bust 'em open and eat 'em.

Time Bomb
Tier 4
Shampuru Time Bomb

They despise the sounds of clocks. Insomniacs.

Tier 5
Shampuru Cactus

Full of water. Peel the outer sin and the gel comes out!

Pencil Drill
Tier 6
Shampuru Pencil Drill

Pointy Shampurus that resemble pencils.

Tier 7
Shampuru Cluster

Divides when the wick is lit. Aim for 100 splits!

Work Drill
Tier 8
Shampuru Work Drill

Good with roadwork but lacking in people skills.

Tier 9
Shampuru Spark

Popping, cracking Shampuru who come with thunderbolts.

Sea Gift
Tier 10
Shampuru Sea Gift

Most afraid of being eaten. They like seaweed.

Tier 11
Shampuru Dynamite

Hot-headed jerks who, when angered, blow things up.

Powerful Drill
Tier 12
Shampuru Powerful Drill

This and that, drilly drilly drilly drilly.

Tier 13
Shampuru Megatron

Total genocide! Is what they are thinking, maybe.

Tier 14
Shampuru Apathetic

It actually doesn't care about much of anything.

Golden Drill
Tier 15
Shampuru Golden Drill

Wants to be used but is mainly just a decoration.