All of the CGs were done by Hirano Katsuyuki who is very well known for Moero Chronicle character designs and Mugen Souls bath CGs. Both of these minigames only appear in the Japanese version of the game. Due to Wikia's terms of use, we cannot provide any of the CGs here.

Mugen SoulsEdit

A very simple minigame. It adds a bunch of steam particles to emulate a hot bath. Players get to choose a playable female character in their party at the cost of shampoo and soap. The minigame is just a static image that allows rubbing the girls that does not give any reward or have any effect on the game.

Bath images set 1Edit

Standard bath images for doing the minigame in the original Mugen Souls. Here the girls are wearing very tiny white bikinis that make the characters appear less clothed than they are with the steam.

Bath images set 2Edit

Post game images for defeating the dopplegangers. They wear purple swimsuits and get into risque positions for a scrubdown.

Mugen Souls ZEdit

You can see the bath minigame pictures in the English version of Mugen Souls Z. Just like the first game, it also has a bunch of steam particles to emulate a hot bath and it does not give the player any advantage or trigger any events.

The bath minigame in Mugen Souls Z is basically an upgraded version of the very simple one from the original game and has many more features than the original bath minigame that further objectify the girls. The sponge now has the ability to wipe off soap or make their swimsuit transparent. The other thing added is the ability to place items on the girls to such as bananas on any part of the body, covering their eyes or place a ball in their mouth so they sound like they're struggling to groan when getting rubbed.

According to the Japanese Mugen Souls Z website, Keiji Shooting Star Inafune was the one who thought of the new ideas for the mingame.

Bath images set 3Edit

These are the first set of bath images that you get in Mugen Souls Z. They wear skin-tight sports bras and cover up more than they did in the original Mugen Souls but the minigame itself is more interactive and are in more risque poses. The white steam and soap can cover up the seems of the clothing after they're all washed, making these images appear as if they were nude if done correctly.

Bath images set 4Edit

This set only includes female characters from Mugen Souls Z they were fought during post game. They wear normal frilled, black swimsuits can still be rubbed down to their skin color.

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