"I'm merely gathering peons of my own. For a...very important purpose."



Japanese Name Bellerius (ベルリオーズ)
Gender Female
First appearance Mugen Souls
Home World Unknown
Powers Creating peons
Moe Type Terse
Race God
Occupation God of Destruction
Weapon Staves, Swords, Scythes
Japanese Voice Actor Chiwa Saito
English Voice Actor Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Belleria (ベルリオーズ Beruriouzu?) is a mysterious girl who shows up in front of Chou-Chou and the party.

Who is later revealed as Chou-Chou's first friend and "rival"

Like Chou-Chou she has no recollection of the past. Her outside appearance may seem mysterious but on the contrary she has a calm and ditzy personality.

Just like Chou-Chou, Belleria also has the ability to turn things into her peons but she gathers them for her own special purpose and it becomes quite troublesome for Chou-Chou and the team. However her ability causes any with the amount of power to resist becoming a shampuru to become violent and destructive.

But unlike Chou-Chou she never abides by any morals and turned an entire village in to her black shampurus (Water World)

Any shampurus she created would be eaten by her "father" Vorgis


Mugen SoulsEdit

A mysterious girl who always appears in places shortly before or shortly after Chou-Chou.

She also can turn anything into peons like Chou-Chou. She gets in her way because, she claims, she doesn't want to end up as Chou-Chou's peon.

Her true intentions are unknown.

In spite of her ominous appearance, at heart, she's a bit of a ditz. Her thoughts and conversational skills are unique, to say the least, and confuses those around her.

She gets flustered and confused whenever she fails to beat Chou-Chou at her own game. In fact, whenever the two get into a tizzy, it comes across as heart-warming for some reason.

— Official gallery description in Mugen Souls

She shows up on several various occasions thought the game but sometimes leaving before Chou-Chou but appearing in the stated world after.

The first time they met was when Belleria attacked her ship and boarded but escaped

The second was in moon world she appears to peon Shirogane.

The third was in tree world She get captured quickly and agrees to help Chou-Chou to turn Sharuru into a demon lord

It is later revealed that her "father" Vorgis is actually her pet she created as way to deal with solitude as opposed to Chou-Chou who created the World

Best of Buds

As you can see They're totally the best of friends* *before they fight

When she gets back her memory she attacks Chou-Chou in an attempt to stop her from getting back her memory's as she feels deep regret after failing to stop Vorgis from destroying Chou-Chou's world. Chou-Chou later defeats her in an one on one fight and soon after they become friends again.

Mugen Souls ZEdit

A young girl who was once the god of destruction. Though technically no longer a god, she could still smash the world into bits if she really felt like it. She's a longtime friend of Chou-Chou's, and although they got into some pretty major fights in the past, they're now closer than ever. The way she talks and acts might be hard for some people to relate to, but she seems to get along very well with Tioni, and greatly enjoys their "girl talk."
— Official gallery description in Mugen Souls Z

She was first seen in the beginning of the game. After the tutorial battles, she is dropped off on Ivory World.


She appears to be wearing a red and black frilly dress and appears carrying a book though she never actually uses it. Her hair is long and white and her eyes are red similar to that of a demon

Post GameEdit

Unlike the rest of the cast Belleria is only available in the post game of Mugen Souls


Innate SkillsEdit

We're All Friends

  • Linked attack damage up 20%
  • Special attack Damage up 25%


Unique Special Skill Bell-style Big bang
LV999 Sp Used 10,966,099
Affinity -
Power 1,278,720
Power Bonus 769%
Action Level 150
Dependance INT

I'll Take that! multi target.

Enemy peon points down

Recoveres users SP

Notes Magical attack



  • The name of Belleria's special move might be a possible reference to the creation of the 7 Worlds Galaxy which used to be one entity but it's now split into 7 different worlds. Since Belleria was the who broke the worlds and created the galaxy, Belleria-style Big Bang would be suitable name for her special skill.


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