Japanese Name Bātoramu (バートラム)
Gender Male
First appearance Mugen Souls Z
Home World Silver World
Powers None
Moe Type Masochist
Race God
Occupation Ultimate Gentleman
Weapon Guns, Gloves, Staves
Japanese Voice Actor Kenji Hamada
English Voice Actor Kirk Thornton

Bertram (バートラム Bātoramu?) is the Ultimate God governing Silver World (constellation world Libra). His full name is Bertram Demetrius Bloomfield (バートラム デミトリアス ブルームフィールド Bātoramu Dimītoriasu Burūmufīrudo?) and appears to be a well-mannered gentleman. Bertram is neatly recongized as the God by his citizens. Out of all the Ultimate Gods, Bertram's role of the Ultimate God was the most obvious. A while ago, he wasn't very interesting and the only thing on his mind was his own world. He met with a certain idol who he seems to worship, causing the Silver World and his own personality to change 180 degrees.



True to his appearance, Bertram has a gentleman-like personality and would often address his peers as -sama (trans: a more respectful honorific of San (さん). He can be seen as one of the more experienced Ultimate God. He is highly wary that Chou-Chou and co. will take over his constellation world, when Chou-Chou called him a peon. Bertram is easily smittened by Alys, as seen when she performed her idol concert to the residents of Libra. His loyalty for her is shown, as he would protect her from anyone that gets in her way, friends and foes alike. However, what isolates his sophisticated demeanor is his anger. When Ryuto revealed to Bertram that Alys had a boyfriend (Elka), his power went out of control to the point that the party has to battle him (and Alys) to calm him down. Nevertheless, he is true gentleman who rarely shows sign of impudence. When he does, it's usually towards Elka.


Bertram uses guns in battle. When furthering his skills, he can also use gloves and staves.

As one of the few gunners in the series, his has an high-leveled TEC, as well as a excellent attack range that enables him to attack enemies at a long-distance. 

His Unique Special Skill is Mustache Waltz. 

Item DropEdit

Bertram is fought as a boss on two separate occasions. The first time is when the party first arrives on Silver World. If he is item killed there, he dropps the following:

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Plastic Vest
  • Silly Glasses

He is fought a second time along side Alys in the Gliese Ruins. When Item Killed, he drops the following:

  • Worn Belt
  • Spear Gun
  • Shampuru Slippers


  • Bertram is the only character introduced in Mugen Souls Z who has a known last name.
  • He is also the only male, playable character who specializes in magic more than physical attacks
  • Like Ryuto, he isn't really much of a masochist in spite of being labeled as one.
  • Bertram's mustache is fake according to the description of his special skill, Mustache Waltz. He actually pulls it out and uses it as a weapon.