CPU Little Sis

Shampuru CPU Little Sis

Classification Special
Tier 6
Power 1410
Loves her big sis. Would even save the world for her.
— In-game description

Mugen Souls locationsEdit

  • Max that can be obtained by going through the true ending route is 150.
  • Does not drop from any enemy on the regular places but can be found from rare spawns and bosses in the Mugen Field.
  • CPU Little Sis are one of the 6 Shampurus that drop as a reward from story mode G-Castle battles.
  • Does not drop for as a reward for conquering continents.

Mugen FieldEdit

Bet Route Floor Monster Drop rate Amount
200001-500000 Tough 61~69 Neon Rare x22
1000001-2500000 Tough 81~89 Incandescent Angel Common x12
2500001-5000000 Any (ultra rare spawn) 81~89 Diode Common x12
500001-1000000 Any (ultra rare spawn) 71~79 Iron Bug Rare x22

Seven World ReduxEdit

Battle Round Monster Encounter rate Amount
Mega-Strong Arena 2 Hero Set x1 x3
Galactic God Arena 2 Four-legged Devil Set x1 x5
Boss! Boss! Boss!!!! Hero Set x3 x5
Boss! Boss ! Boss!!!! Shimotsukin Set x3 x5

Forced encounterEdit

Episode Battle Enemy Notes Amount
Chapter 10 - Grand finale The ultimate battle Deified Vorgis True route x25
Chapter 10 - Grand finale Fight to the finish God of Destruction: Vorgis True route G-Castle battle 25

Mugen Souls Z locationsEdit

Shampuru are not found in the same location as the original game.


  • The Japanese name for this Shampuru is めがみこうほ・妹
  • The CPU Little Sis appears to be based on Ram, a character from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series also made by Idea Factory, Compile Heart and NIS America. This indicates that Ram is the younger of the twins.

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