Shield type Shampuru used as defense mechanisms to deflect attacks.

These types increase Masochist Charm much easier than other types.

Tier 1
Shampuru Transparent

Please store this type in a place well-ventilated

Tier 2
Shampuru Iron

Even if they get rich, they can't be an iron man.

Tier 3
Shampuru Sheltered

Do not discard. Neglected critters lacking skills.

Tier 4
Shampuru Block

An armed Shampuru. Bring it on! Anytime, anywhere.

Iron Plate
Tier 5
Shampuru Iron Plate

They get hot in the summer and can't bear it.

Tier 6
Shampuru Beetle

Kids love 'em, but how do they appear so suddenly?

Tier 7
Shampuru Charm

Chivalrous. Devotes its life to its master.

Riot Squad
Tier 8
Shampuru Riot Squad

Section 9 member. Will protect the peace... forever!

Tier 9
Shampuru Cubic

Always sweats the small stuff. Very bad at math.

Iron G
Tier 10
Shampuru Iron G

Clad in thick armor with a great iron plate.

Tier 11
Shampuru Onimusha

Looks heartless as it chows down on its dinner.

Tier 12
Shampuru Agent

Works behind the scenes. Rumored to have 1,000 faces.

Tier 13
Shampuru Puruchaun

Legend says it pops out gold when hit, so it's a big... hit.

Fudo O
Tier 14
Shampuru Fudo O

Wishes to be less indecisive, but now can't decide.

Black Box
Tier 15
Shampuru Black Box

Its contents are known only to its maker. Mysterious!