Soldier Shampuru who are named after military ranks. These guys are the ones who do the fighting.

These types of Shampuru increase Ego Charm much easier than other types.

Tier 1
Shampuru Private

Normal Shampuru. Not very bubbly when used as soap.

Tier 2
Shampuru Corporal

Has the power of five Privates! Maybe. Spirited.

Tier 3
Shampuru Sergeant

A strict Shampuru. Scars from battles past are visible.

Master Sergeant
Tier 4
Shampuru Master Sergeant

Has three children. Wants to fish with his wife later on.

Tier 5
Shampuru Ensign

So careless. Recently learned what 'gingerly' is.

1st Lieutenant
Tier 6
Shampuru 1st Lieutenant

Quite lazy, really. Just thinks about playing around.

Tier 7
Shampuru Captain

Loves G-Castle. Wants to pilot his own ship someday.

Rear Admiral

Tier 8

Shampuru Rear Admiral

Nervous with a queasy stomach. Loves yogurt.

Vice Admiral
Tier 9
Shampuru Vice Admiral

A chipper fellow. Shines his medals with a toothbrush.

Tier 10
Shampuru Admiral

Uses floaties and is the terror of the local pool.

Fleet Admiral
Tier 11
Shampuru Fleet Admiral

Important Shampuru. So important, he can be all badass.

Tier 12
Shampuru Bureaucrat

Cool, quick-witted. Boosts a ton about its intelligence.

Tier 13
Shampuru Director

Heads up the snack department. Keeps them safe.

Tier 14
Shampuru President

An elected Shampuru who gives off an aura of confidence.

Tier 15
Shampuru Overwhelming

So overwhelming because its power was sealed up.