Japanese Name Kakeru (カケル)
Gender Male
First appearance Mugen Souls Z
Home World Violet World
Powers Ultimate Combat Skills
Moe Type Ditz
Race Unknown
Occupation Ultimate Warrior
Weapon Knuckles, Spears, Bazookas
Japanese Voice Actor Ichiki Mitsuhiro
English Voice Actor Bryce Papenbrook

Kakeru is the Ultimate God of Violet World (Sagittarius Constellation) and calls himself "Ultimate Warrior, Kakeru". His name and clothing seem to be very old fashioned. Kakeru was born with the burden of having his destiny as the hero of justice. In order for him to defend the peace of his world, he battles with the "Evil Masked Beauty Altalt-tistis" to protect the peace of his world... Kakeru has been waiting for this to happen.


He bears a resemblance to the Unlosing Ranger from Zettai Hero Project.


Kakeru is a self-proclaimed Ultimate Fighter. He fights for justice and banishes evil. However, he takes too many perks of being a masked hero, such as performing his pose during his introduction. True to his moe type, he can be quite clumsy at times as he almost stumbles when making his debut.

Quotes Edit

Begin Battle Edit

  • how terrifying. the upon of the justice has arrived

Encounter Attack Edit

  • Hahaha!. What are you doing?. im right here



Kakeru uses knuckles as his primary weapon but is also proficient with spears and bazookas with all weapon proficiencies unlocked.

He is a well-rounded party member to have, since he possesses a balanced stat. However, his SP is almost non-existent.


  • Kakeru is the only Ultimate God who doesn't fight against the party in the story. Rather than fighting the party, he asks for their assistance in defeating Altalt-tistis instead
  • His special skill, G·ダイナマイトストライク ( trans: G. Dynamite Strike), is similar to the Super Sentai/Power Ranger finishing move where he forms his pose as the enemy is finished off by an explosion 
  • Kakeru is the only playable character whose doppelganger is never fought, instead attacking the party with his rebuilt airship.