Laser and spirit type Shampuru used for fast attacks and recovery.

They types increase Bipolar Charm much easier than other types.

Tier 1
Shampuru Lost

Looking for its place in the world it wanders around

Tier 2
Shampuru Sealed

Not for bath use! Pervy demon is locked inside.

Tier 3
Shampuru Magical

Versed in arcane arts. Held a magic show at a shop.

Tier 4
Shampuru Bargain

What a steal! Well, there's no price, so whatever.

Tier 5
Shampuru Spirit

Enjoys clammy places, so lives in the cemetery.

Tier 6
Shampuru Well-done

They smell raw and fish, so cats can't stay away.

Evil Spirit
Tier 7
Shampuru Evil Spirit

It's possessed. Totally possessed. BooOOooOo!

Tier 8
Shampuru Laser

Dreams of facing his dad who fell to the dark side.

Tier 9
Shampuru Debtor

So focused on good times that it fails to realize its debt.

Night Vision
Tier 10
Shampuru Night Vision

Always plotting evil and wicked stuff. Or not!

Tier 11
Shampuru Flaming

It'll be terrible if we let it light itself on fire.

Hot Blooded
Tier 12
Shampuru Hot Blooded

Played baseball, did lots of work and loves life.

Tier 13
Shampuru Lyrical

Has the gumption of a great performer.

Ying Yang
Tier 14
Shampuru Ying Yang

Rin! Byou! Do! Ja! Kai! Chin! Restu! Zai! Zeen!

High Laser
Tier 15
Shampuru High Laser

Fires a long-range laser beam. Always cheerful.