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Mugen Souls
NA Mugen SE
North American Standard Edition cover


Compile Heart
Idea Factory
Laughing Jackal (PC port)


Idea Factory (Japan)
NIS America (Worldwide)
Ghostlight (Steam)


Inafune "Shooting Star" Keiji


Kei Nanameda
Katsuyuki Hirano
Keiji Inafune


Kenji Kaneko
Tenpei Sato


Mugen Souls


PlayStation 3
Microsoft Windows

Release date(s)

PlayStation 3
JP: March 22, 2012
KR: October 16, 2012
US/EU: October 16, 2012
Steam (Japan excluded)
October 22, 2015




Single Player
Customizable characters


PlayStation Network

Mugen Souls (圧倒的遊戯 ムゲンソウルズ Overwhelming Game: Mugen Souls?, Attouteki Yuugi: Mugen Souruzu) is a RPG developed by Compile Heart with collaboration from GCREST and published in NA and the PAL regions by NIS America. It was released for the  PlayStation 3 in Japan on March 22nd, 2012, September 28, 2012 for Europe and October 16th, 2012 for North America.

It is the first installment of the Mugen Souls series and is a prequel to Mugen Souls Z. The sequel, was released on April 25th, 2013 in Japan and October 16th, 2013 in Korea with a future release date to the west in 2014.

In 2015, Ghostlight Interactive published the game onto Steam, while the porting was done by Laughing Jackal. The game is a direct port from the PlayStation 3 version with graphical and interface enhancements.


Mugen Souls takes place in a fictional galaxy with seven worlds using the naming convention of the Japanese 7 days of the week: 日曜界月曜界火曜界水曜界木曜界金曜界土曜界. The main protagonist is a little Undisputed Goddess, Chou-Chou. She was floating around the galaxy with no memories of her past but the only thing she can recall is that she wants all everything to be hers, especially the 7 Worlds because they were pretty. The main character is able to change into 7 different forms according to her moe affinity without even knowing why she which represent the 7 hues of the rainbow. Being as gullible as she is, she believe that the whole world revolves around her and if something is not her way, she will complain and change it.

The story starts off really silly and humorous with the start of Altis' evil plan to conquer the universe and Chou-Chou's desire to make everything hers. Ryuto was Lady Chou-Chou's first peon and does a lot for but often gets no credit for anything he does. Chou-Chou, Altis and Ryuto realize that it is impossible to make every living creature on each world their peons. Ryuto comes up with the idea to only make the strongest people her peon and the crew do that, making friends and gaining allies along the way. Gameplaywise, the main purpose of gathering Heroes and Demon Lords is to gain party members but there is a turn of events once the worlds have been conquered.

After conquering the all of the worlds, the story becomes serious and the antagonist makes his appearance and wrecks havoc to the galaxy. The objective changed from gathering the heroes and demon lords into reclaiming the memories of Chou-Chou's shocking past and uncover the truth about Chou-Chou's powers as the Undisputed God.


Battles are turn based tactical RPG. The game includes ship battles. Cut-scenes similar to most Compile Heart games where the images are moving and lip sync with the speech. Field characters can run in a 3D field and battles are quite difficult to avoid because the monsters move so fast. It is also difficult to get a pre-emptive strike on them because there often a lag on the first hit.

To progress through the story, Lady Chou-Chou often encounters obstacles preventing her from reaching her goals and have to turn Master Point to increase her Peon Ratio in order to connect continents together. Master points may ask for money, defeating a minimum amount of enemies or Moe Kill them

Battle SystemEdit

Mugen Souls' battle system is based on wait time determined by the turn meter on the top of the screen. 

There is often a bit of a delay depending on how many monsters are on the screen.

Blast offEdit

Battles beging with 200 Blast Off Gauge which can be set on while the player uses a skill. Every skill has the ability cause the Blast Off but only certain skills can cause the enemy to float which is useful to hitting the blue orbs during Fever Mode. This is one way to destroy crystals, the other way would be Moe Kill.

Be careful when using skills with high blast off, they often come with a long wait time.

Charm PercentageEdit

Increased by the amount of Shampuru earn. The higher the Charm Percentage, easier it is to turn enemies into Shampuru (Peon Change) or Item (Item Change). The average charm rate is often referred to as Charm Ratio.

Moe KillEdit

Defeating the enemies normally will not give the player any extra bonuses. Randomness of the phrases, Mainly used for earning more Shampurus or gaining items. Charm percentage, the type of Moe and it's charm percentage. This will not be useful at all during boss battles of the first playthrough but

Post game and Mugen Field, large cystals are not dependent on charm percentage but the moe affinity and the phrases chosen.

Peon- Pink Meter (increases the higher the charm level)
Increases easiest by using matching or ie: Ego/ Sadist

Frenzy- Blue Meter (decreases the higher the charm level)

Increases easiest  using the opposite Moe but not having high charm level.

Item- Yellow Meter (increases the higher the charm level)

Fever TimeEdit

Bonus %

Triple Counter StopEdit

Peon BallEdit


There are two variations of crystals, small crystals and large crystals.Edit

Ship BattlesEdit

Mugen FieldEdit


Peon CreationEdit

Certain peons (custom character) must be fused with other classes in order to wear more clothes.

Peon classes. They only earn one and one conditional through levels. They are not meant to be used

Peon FusionEdit

Resets the characters levels to 1 and gain abilities, stat bonus % and clothing.

Change JobEdit


New Game +Edit

Post GameEdit

7 Worlds ReduxEdit


Mugen Souls UniverseEdit

7 Worlds GalaxyEdit

Sun WorldEdit

Moon WorldEdit

Fire WorldEdit

Water WorldEdit

Tree WorldEdit

Metal WorldEdit

Soil WorldEdit


Shampurus, Heroes, Demon Lords, God and Altis.

Heroes of the Seven WorldsEdit

Soul Skyheart

Tsukika Izayoi


Marina Cannonvale

Welsh Cocott

Dees Vanguard

Demon Lords of the Seven WorldsEdit

Demon Lord

Sandy Sunshine


Alys Levantine

Water World Demon Lord

Sharuru Cocott

Dimensional God

Gods of the Seven WorldsEdit

Chou-Chou - Undisputed God

Shampuru- Chou-Chou's peons

Belleria - God of Destruction

Renegade Shampuru - Belleria's peon

??? - Known as Belleria's father

Sun Goddess - Designed by Keiji Inafune, resembles Roll from Megaman Series.

Moon God - Designed by Keiji Inafune, resembles the blue Megaman from the Megaman Series.

Mugen Souls Z characters all represent God of their Stars.

Differences in the PC versionEdit

Despite not working on the script for the game, the Steam version has the Japanese voice actress of Alys corrected as Manami Numakura and Elka as Yuki Tai for the normal ending. The true ending credits were corrected always correct..

The game has mouse and keyboard support, but the interface sound effects are a bit different from the PS3 release. Mugen Souls for PC can reach up to 60 frames per second and has much better player response than its PS3 counterpart.



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