Mugen Souls Z Soundtrack
Mugen Souls Z soundtrack cover
Tenpei Sato and Kenji Kaneko
Released (JP) May 1st 2013
Recorded Late 2012
Length 2:37:55
Label SMD itaku (music)
Producer TEAM Entertainment Inc.

The official soundtrack for Mugen Souls Z was produced by TEAM Entertainment Inc. and released in Japan on May 1st, 2013. It consists of 3 CDs with 54 soundtracks total, but does not include the dance movie theme (also known as the Fever Time song) for Mugen Souls Z, as that song was produced under a different studio.


Disc 1 is all done by veteran video game music composer, Tenpei Sato. Compile Heart has given him the most important tracks to work on which include vocal tracks such as the opening, and ending theme. This disc also includes important non-vocal music such as the final boss theme, G-Castle field, G-Castle battle and regular game music. It includes an updated version of the final boss and G-Castle battle theme from the first game called Violence Emotion Z and Great Castle Battle Z. The 12 Worlds music done by Tenpei Sato are not named by the location, he has done the outdoor themes for:

  1. G-Castle ~ Happy Carnival
  2. Scarlet World ~ Dark Legend
  3. Rose World ~ Spring Step
  4. Violet World ~ Mistic Chorus
  5. Ebon World ~ Brown Leaf Garden
  6. Ivory World ~ Cold Age Blues

Discs 2 and 3 are all done by Kenji Kaneko, who has worked on many of Compile Heart's in-game music since the company was first established. These two discs do not have any vocal tracks but a lot of the world themes and their battles can be heard on these discs. All of tracks done by Kenji Kaneko have no returning music tracks from the first game and created 35 brand new tracks to Mugen Souls Z. The track names of the 12 Worlds are called labeled their respective names on Disc 2 and 3.

Tracklist OrderEdit

Song names are transliterated and not translated since they have never been officially named in English, due to not having a sound test option. Any tracks that have misspellings in English are intentional, as the is how "Tenpei Sato" wrote the song names. IE: Screming Wave and Mistic Chorus.

Disc 1Edit

Composer: Tenpei Sato

  1. Infinite Field (Vocal: Miyu)
  2. Spring Step
  3. .Lost Violin
  4. Brown Leaf Garden
  5. Mugen Field Z
  6. Dark Legend
  7. Space Diving
  8. Happy Carnival
  9. Cold Age Blues
  10. Great Castle Z
  11. Popn' Clover
  12. Violence Emotion Z
  13. Mistic Chorus
  14. Extreme Moment
  15. A to Z
  16. Chase Game
  17. Screming Wave
  18. Black Attack
  19. Kimi Iro no Kiss (Vocal:Masako Okōchi)

Disc 2Edit

Composer: Kenji Kaneko

  1. Mugen Souls Z
  2. Gray World~Aquarius~
  3. Broken Glass of Platinum~Z~
  4. Hikaru no Iseki~A Angel's Stairway~
  5. Asa no Teatime
  6. Inbou no Military
  7. Requiem From Hell
  8. Yukai na Asanebou
  9. Crimson World~Scorpio~
  10. Stand Up And Fight
  11. 80℃
  12. Sapphire World~Gemini~
  13. Silver World~Libra~
  14. Ultra na Ketsui
  15. Vodka
  16. The Angel's Bell
  17. Shitsui no Memory

Disc 3Edit

Composer: Kenji Kaneko

  1. Party Night♪
  2. Amethyst World~Pisces~
  3. We Will Rise Again
  4. White World~Cancer~
  5. Warm na Yuugure
  6. Mon Mon Shop?
  7. Reality Like A Nightmare
  8. Fuwa Fuwa☆Dream
  9. Fake no Ikusa
  10. Yami no Iseki~Under Dark Shadow~
  11. Tricky na Shisai
  12. The Cave Of Babylon
  13. Tsugi Yuku Ishi
  14. Houka wo Agero
  15. Jade World~Taurus~
  16. Dancing Castle
  17. Mirai☆Ambitious
  18. Mistake

The music titled "Mon Mon Shop" could be referencing to Monster Monpiece since that theme is used for scrubbing the girls down with its mascot, the seal named "Otton".

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