Guns and pilot type Shampuru used for buffing and attacking.

They types increase Sadist Charm much easier than other types.

Chipped Blade
Tier 1
Shampuru Chipped Blade

Chip it enough and you'll be able to spark a fire.

Pop Gun
Tier 2
Shampuru Pop Gun

Often used at schools during outdoor events.

Tier 3
Shampuru Jaggy

'Look at this! I'm Mc Jaggy-Jag!' is it's catchphrase.

Tier 4
Shampuru Misfire

A sad Shampuru whose biggest bullet was a dud.

Tier 5
Shampuru Rider

Loves pretending to be a pilot. Coming in for a landing.

Tier 6
Shampuru Slicey

If you trace hard, it will definetely leave an indent.

Tier 7
Shampuru Fake

Came up with a plan to threaten people. Come get some!

Tier 8
Shampuru Spatula

Loves overturning items in pans. Likes sweet sauces.

Tier 9
Shampuru Pirate

Loves the water, its many hearties, and hot springs.

Tier 10
Shampuru Kamikaze

A wonderful pilot, but gets motion sickness easily.

Double Pirate
Tier 11
Shampuru Double Pirate

Says it can see fine but is always stumbling around.

Tier 12
Shampuru Pilot

Shampurus who can't fly are just soap! So he says.

Tier 13
Shampuru Beauty

Loves pretty roses. Throws afternoon tea parties.

Metal Rider
Tier 14
Shampuru Metal Rider

Hardcore with the ability to keep its buds in line.

Go-to Cannon
Tier 15
Shampuru Go-to Cannon

Follows order to the letter and kicks lots of tail.