Like almost any sort of fiction out there, Mugen Souls and Mugen Souls Z have fans that see romantic relationships between the characters.

This is intended to be a list of the couples most commonly seen in fanon and excludes "crack pairings". Brief explanations of likely canon origins, or at least excuses, are also welcome.

General Edit

Mugen Souls Edit

  1. Chou-Chou tends to get really flustered when ever she see Belleria.
  2. They have touchy bath scene with just the two of them in it.
  3. After the G-Castle got repaired on Metal World, Welsh and Sharuru asked for Belleria to play with them but Chou-Chou felt envious saying that nobody asked her to play. Belleria then felt sorry and asked Chou-Chou to join but she started acting bipolar (tsundere) towards Belleria.
  1. The cutscene where Marina "investigates" Dees.
  2. They were talking about how they were single in Mugen Souls Z and then become close friends.
  1. The scene where Chou-Chou grabs Alys's tail
  2. The recruitment scene where she calls CC Masochist "cute"

Mugen Souls Z Edit

  1. One of the CG images show them cuddling together while both of them are sleeping.
  2. They interact and get close during various cutscenes.
  1. There is a hotspring CG of Sandy washing Supra's back. It is probably just a one way relationship as Supra's personality is sadistic and Sandy is in love with women who can beat her up.
  1. The ending CG shows both of them holding hands.
  2. Chou-Chou rides on top of Syrma's head throughout the entire time and never wants to leave it.
  3. They both sing and dance with each other on the dance movie.
  1. Shararu blushes a lot around Chou-Chou
  2. In an event, she mentioned that she wanted Chou-Chou all to herself (while blushing)
  1. Not exactly any romantic relationship but they form a comedy pair.