Japanese Name Ryuuto (リュート)
Gender Male
First appearance Mugen Souls
Home World Soil World
Powers Piloting and #1 Peon
Moe Type Masochist
Race Human
Occupation Pilot/Vassal/Hero
Weapon Knuckles, Gloves, Spears
Japanese Voice Actor Hiromi Hirata
English Voice Actor Johnny Yong Bosch

"Amazing, as expected of Lady Chou-Chou! I'll follow you to the edge of the universe!"

Ryuto (リュート Ryuuto?) is the vassal of Chou-Chou, the owner of the G-Castle, as well as the hero of Soil World.


Ryuto is an average-sized kid or teen, and might possibly be the youngest male of the group.

He wears peon style clothing and shoes (shampuru based) mostly yellow in colour, and has blue hair with goggles giving him the "pilot look"

Ryuto's beginning

Ryuto was piloting the G-castle when he found Chou-Chou in the edge of the universe and finds them and thinks they are stranded in then he offers them a ride Chou-Chou wants his ship he refuses and Altis calls her a bit crazy.

So then Chou-Chou then says "I'll make you mine" afterwords Ryuto becomes her first peon. His ship then belongs to Chou-Chou.


As Chou Chou's vassal, he doesn't mind the labor as long as if its her orders. (Hence the reason that his moe type is masochist). He can be seen as the "punching bag" of the crew, often taking abuse from a few characters which displeases him. Like his fellow heroes of the Seven Worlds, he holds a few common aspects a hero can muster. Despite being away from Soil World for quite a while, Ryuto is highly protective of his home planet to the point of taking on Vorgis in order to avenge its fall. He is also shown to be self-conscious about his title, as seen when Nao stated that he looks more like a kid (servant in English version) rather than a hero, much to his dismay. He gets the most nosebleeds in few of the main events and the hot spring events, indicating that he has a perverted nature.


Knuckles are his primary weapons. By furthering his skills, he can wield gloves and spears.

Ryuto functions as a speedy tank in battle, having the second highest HP growth out of all characters and an impressive agility and vitality. Although his physical attack power is mediocre, he can still incapacitate or dish out heavy damage to weaker enemies. His mentality is average, but his magic is supposedly low which makes him heavily reliant on attacking at a close range. Furthermore, his SP is the complete opposite of his high HP, thus players have to make their choices wisely.

His Unique Special Skill is "AbsoRyutoly Heroic"

Special Skill Edit

Ryuto summons a greatsword from his hand and charges at the enemy. Ryuto then impales the target with his greatsword for a few seconds before releasing it (possibly because his ultimate technique is too overwhelming for him to fully utilize with care). As the enemy take damage from the friction, the attack finishes in a similar manner like Seven's Impact: exploding in a brilliant, colorful light. In Mugen Souls Z, Ryuto's special skill has an added animation. After summoning his weapon, he begins his attack by slashing the target a few times, before performing the same stabbing attack from the last game.


Mugen Souls Edit

Chou-Chou's first noteworthy peon.

He built an interstellar ship with the hopes and dreams of adventuring throughout the universe, but when reality fell short of his aspirations, he met Chou-Chou and instantly fell for her. Ever since, he has been her loyal peon and is in charge of 'her' ship's upkeep. He doesn't mind the work, so long as he can stay close to Chou-Chou.

He's cheery and energetic with an important dose of common sense. Around Chou-Chou, he becomes meek and acts like a puppy. In the throes of adolescence, whenever he encounters a scene that is marginally sexy, he gushes an inordinate amount of blood and collapses.

His main job is piloting G-Castle, but he preforms odd jobs as well and is generally bossed around by everyone.

— Official gallery description in Mugen Souls

Ryuto is the hero of Soil World.

He is often scared when new things happen and tends to get a bleeding nose when things get even slightly sexual themed.

He was the owner and still is the pilot of the G-Castle.

It seems like Ryuto can communicate with the Shampuru.

During the final chapter, Ryuto reveals that, ll along, he had the seventh and last fragment of Chou-Chou's blue gem. This fragment contained the reason why Chou-Chou and Belleria fought in the first place: Vorgis was devouring Chou-Chou's world.

Mugen Souls Z Edit

Chou-Chou's number one peon. He loves Chou-Chou from the bottom of his heart, and takes care of everything, from cooking to cleaning and even piloting the ship! He takes his role as a servant very seriously, which is what many find so charming about him. His one(!?) weakness is sexy ladies, and he tends to wind up with a blood nose whenever he lets his imagination run too wild.
— Official gallery description in Mugen Souls Z

Ryuto serves as Chou-Chou's constant companion throughout the entire game.


Battle Begins Edit

  • "Battle: Start!"
  • "Here they cooome!"

Encounter Attack Edit

  • "Lady Chou-Chou, here's our chance!"
  • "Looks like we have the upper-hand!"

Ambushed Edit

  • "This isn't good, is it?"
  • "Huaaah, they came out of nowhere!"

Turn Edit

  • "Watch me Lady Chou-Chou!"
  • "My turn!"

Enemy KO Edit

  • "All done!"
  • "You're mine!"

Victory Edit

  • "Heh, they are what they are."
  • "Hehe, I can come through in a pinch!"
  • "Lady Chou-Chou, *pant*, did you see me?"

Level-Up Edit

  • "Cool my stats are increasing."
  • "Level up!"
  • "Power up!"
  • "I can be more useful now."
  • "I DID IIT!!"

Retreat Edit

  • "Eh, don't leave me here! Lady Chou-Chou!"

Switch-Out Edit

  • "The rest is up to you!"
  • "Huh? You're done with me!?"

Switch-In Edit

  • "I'll put my all into it!"
  • "My turn!"

Healing Edit

  • "I'll heal you right away."

Healed Edit

  • "Thanks."

KO'ed Edit

  • "Forgive me, Lady Chou-Chou..."
  • "I'm sorry...Lady Chou-Chou."
Unique Special Skill Absoryutoly Heroic
LV999 SP 10816510
Affinity -
Power 1278720
Power bonus 771%
Action level 100
Dependance ATK

For Lady Chou Chou!

Single target Reduces Enemy SP

and peon points

Unique Innate Skill

Super peon scout
Condition always active

Obtained peon points up 30%

Upon your turn you gain 5 peon points


Super Peon Evolution

Super Peon Defence


  • Ryuto's Disgaea counterpart is Prinny
  • He attaches the suffix "-ssu" at the end of his sentences just like a Prinny which is the equivalent of "dood".
  • He's the only character to have shampuru themed clothes
  • Despite being labeled masochist he does not enjoy pain or any form or punishment
  • Ryuto is the first hero of the Seven Worlds to join the party at an earlier point in both Mugen Souls and Mugen Souls Z
  • The great sword that Ryuto uses for his special skill, Absoryutoly Heroic, is likely the legendary weapon he mentioned about in the later chapters of Mugen Souls.


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