Selfina standing

Japanese Name Selfina (セルフィーナ)
Gender Female
First appearance Mugen Souls
Home World G-Castle
Powers None
Moe Type Graceful
Race Human
Occupation Mugen Field access control
Weapon Wands
Japanese Voice Actor Emiri Katō
English Voice Actor None

Selfina is a non-player character (NPC) that controls access to the Mugen Field and 7 World Redux. Even though she is a permanent non-playable character on the G-Castle, her avatar parts and clothes can be downloaded as free DLC in the original Mugen Souls. In Mugen Souls Z Selfina gets unlocked when you progress through the game and can be fought.

She is very mysterious and only has one short cutscene about her in each game. Selfina is the only Mugen Souls character who does not appear on any official artbooks.

Biography Edit

A girl who stowed away on G-Castle from some other world.

She's kind of mysterious, but kind of an airhead. Her voice just feels like spears of sugar stabbing your ears. She's always cheerful and doesn't really worry about the details - and neither should you!

As a boss battleEdit

In the original Mugen Souls, she can be fought on the third round in the final 7 World Redux battle. Her moe affinity is "Graceful" but her elemental attacks are "Ditz" affinity. She uses the Crucifiction special skill which is the special that Mage peons use.

She makes a return in Mugen Souls Z as the toughest battle in the second set of redux battles that is required to unlock a trophy.


  • She is the only character that has DLC items named after her.
  • She is based off Selfy from TinierMe who is the mascot of TinierMe.
  • Her character designer is Harada Takehito, the one who is famous for the Disgaea series.