Soil World is the seventh and final world in the Seven Worlds Galaxy. It's color scheme is violet.

Soil World map texture

Map texture of Soil World. It can be seen when reaching 0 on the Game Over countdown, and during Chou-Chou's first encounter with Vorgis


During chapter 8, Chou-Chou invites Belleria to travel with them but Belleria declines to see her father. Ryuto tells everyone he's from Soil World about to tell he's Soil World's hero he gets interrupted by Welsh seeing Soil world and Elka sees two planet sized objects, Chou Chou thinks there's two worlds then Belleria says that big thing is her father shocking everyone.Outside the ship her father Vorgis shows up. Belleria is shocked to hear that everyone's father is different from her's. Vorgis asks Belleria if she made any peons cause he was hungry but is full now and Belleria gets happy she does not have to make peons anymore. Vorgis was worried Chou Chou power returned everyone gets shocked him sounding different. Chou Chou gets angry at him and Vorgis yells at her to be quiet and Vorgis ends up eating Soil World and everyone is shocked he ate a entire world.

During Chapter 10, Soil World is restored after Vorgis is defeated.

Trivia Edit

  • Soil World is never visited by the player, and is only referenced in the story.
  • Soil World is based on Saturday as it is the last world to visit and Saturday is the last day of the week.