Miscellaneous Shampuru used gaining high level abilities for G-Castle.

They types increase Ditz and Terse Charm much easier than other types. They also only go up to Tier 11 while every other Shampuru gets to Tier 15.

Dust Bunny
Tier 1
Shampuru Dust Bunny

Covered in spores and such. Lies to chill on rooftops.

Tier 2
Shampuru Sham-meow

You'll say meow every time!

Tier 3
Shampuru Colorful

Loves to please its friends with colorful candy.

Experiment 4
Tier 4
Shampuru Experiment 4

Made from unknown substances. Listens to your troubles.

CPU Big Sis
Tier 5
Shampuru CPU Big Sis

Loves cute little sisters with big fighting spirits.

CPU Little Sis
Tier 6
Shampuru CPU Little Sis

Loves her big sis. Would even save the world for her.

Paw Pad
Tier 7
Shampuru Paw Pad

Full of love and dreams. Gets angry if you squeeze it.

Capsule Toy
Tier 8
Shampuru Capsule Toy

Transparent. You can see how many refills are left.

Test Success 1
Tier 9
Shampuru Test Success 1

How it was made and what's inside it is wholly unknown.

Tier 10
Shampuru Happy

Those who see it will be happy their whole lives.

Renegade Shampuru
Tier 11
Shampuru Renegade Shampuru

A cool, mysterious Renegade Shampuru. Loves Belleria.