The Music of Mugen Souls is an OST that is included with Mugen Souls. It consists of 20 soundtracks.
The Music of Mugen Souls OST cover

Tracklist OrderEdit

  1. Mugen Souls Suite
  2. Happy Choppy Street
  3. Down To The Street
  4. Clown of Pandora
  5. A Coral Beach
  6. A Nosedive Of Honeybee
  7. Dream of Fantasia
  8. Searching In A Cherry Tree
  9. Monster Breath
  10. Water World
  11. Oak Tree's Steps
  12. In Sequence
  13. In The Early Afternoon
  14. The Struggle For Existence
  15. The Universe Of 7 Colors
  16. Appearance Of Enemy
  17. Great Castle
  18. The Roar Of Monster
  19. Violence Emotion
  20. Extinction Of Mugen-Souls