Weapons are a character's basic equipment, used to use skills, charm enemies, or cast magic. There are 10 different weapon types in the game, which can be classified either by their basic function as physical or magical. Some weapons may base their damage off a certain stat, others may be based off a hybrid of two stats. Mugen Souls and Mugen Souls Z may have some familiar names in their arsenal but their stats and appearance are different so there will be two separate lists for game specific information. The following chart shows basic information about the distinct weapon types, according to their classifications.

It should be noted that these statistics might not always be fully accurate.

Category Type Dependance Stat rating Skill recommendation
HP SP ATK DEF INT MND AGI TEC MOV Scope Power Range Snipe Smash Trick Support
Swords Phys ATK A A A A D B E D B D Yes check
Staves Magic INT B B H B S S D E B D Yes check Yes check
Guns Phys TECH S S F D C C G S B A Yes check
Bazookas Magic INT, TEC C C I D B D G B C S Yes check Yes check
Knuckles Phys AGI S A D S F D S E A F Yes check
Gloves Phys AGI, TEC B F G E F D B A B F Yes check
Spears Phys ATK A D S S E B C E A B Yes check
Scythes Magic INT S A E B A A F F B B Yes check Yes check
Twin Swords Phys ATK, TEC A F B D F D G C C C Yes check
Twin Knives Phys ATK, AGI C E C D F D A F S E Yes check

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